At TerraReach you have two ways to send SMS to your clients. One is clicking Send SMS button on the dashboard,

TerraReach Quick Send

and the other one is going to campaign tab and click new campaign button.

TerraReach Settings Button

If you click the “Send SMS” button, a modal will appear where you can send your SMS. There, you can select an individual contact or a group. In the “Sender ID” dropdown menu, you can choose from the available Sender IDs for your account to use as the Mask. If you don’t see your Sender ID there and still need to request one, here is how to do it.

In the message field, you can type your message. It shows how many characters are in your message. The charge for the SMS will vary according to the length of your message. Here is how the cost for an SMS is calculated.

TerraReach Quick Send Modal

After filling all the required fields, click on the “Send” button to send this message instantly to your selected contact list.

If you click on the “New Campaign” button on the campaign page, a modal will appear where you can create a campaign. There, you can add a campaign title for better organization, select a sender ID, contact group, campaign type (Quick/Schedule), and add the message. The conditions for the sender ID and the message are the same as above.

TerraReach Campaign Modal

Champaign scheduling is not implemented yet to the platform. We’re working on it.